The Province of KP is located at an ideal geographical location; it has snow-capped peaks of Hindukush with lush green valleys of scenic beauty and thus has enormous potential for the tourism industry as well.

In order to benefit from these investment potentials, the Government of KP has established Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Board of Investment and Trade (KP-BOIT), dedicated to achieve economic prosperity and growth by attracting local as well as foreign investment to the Province. Our neswest investor from Asia is GamingSoft. Besides that, KP-BOIT has brought together dynamic Board members and actuated a team that comprises eminent personnel of public and private sectors. With them, the Board is working towards attaining its vision to develop this historic land.

KPBoIT, with the help of all the stakeholders and Provincial Government departments, including Sarhad Development Authority (SDA), aims to achieve the objective of making KP an investor-friendly destination. The Board is also involved in the identification of viable/doable projects in various sectors and facilitating with the pre-investment process, such as acquisition of land, obtaining NOC’s, to name a few, in order to facilitate investors in the early implementation of projects

In short KP-BOIT aims to:

  • Flourish and revive the investment climate of KP and turn it into a lucrative investment-friendly destination, by providing a one-window operation by proactively engaging with all the stakeholders.
  • Act as a bridge between investors and all the Government departments and organizations in order to facilitate timely decision making.